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Wait wait.

Hey Rasu, we're not supposed to kill him. Goddamnit, he's your SON. WHAT THE HELL WEI. I don't wanna kill him. T_T

Both angry and terrified,
Your writer.
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heh. s'been a while.

yo, davy--yes, hi.

just for the record? announcing to everyone that you've got dibs on raphael as a drinking buddy, and repeatedly calling zaphkiel "sailor saturn," while entertaining, should probably get filed under "bad ideas."

love, k.
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Lira's Rose


Dear Muse (Musi?),
That was the wierdest seduction scene ever. Did someone spike your tea or do you just like screwing with me?

-Love? with a dash of hate,

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Hey there Muse,

I know that you always like to strike at the most inconvinient times, and never seem to visit whenever I actually want to write, but that has got to change. I don't care if you don't want me writing your thoughts down, I'm going to. Even if it means dragging you across a fiery pit to do so :] So please, make it easier on both of us and just take up permenant residence on my shoulder for now. It'd be nice to have some company as well.

Also, some help with Nephilim would be greatly appreciated. You're early bedtimes and long naps just aren't going to cut it anymore, I need to write even if it kills me and you. We'll be staying up late for a while, Muse, until we reach our quota of chapters we owe. How many is that now? 11? You're slacking :[

And another thing, you need to stop showing up on my school work. Most of my teachers get a kick out of seeing you on there, but some dont. Just try to stay on my shoulder and journals ok, Dear? But I do hope you like your new look. It took me a while to find one that fit.

Lots of love <3
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i be working

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...I missed you, puppets. I really did. But now's not the time to talk again.

We both know that if we continue on with that story, it'll end in heartbreak.

...Sorry. I love you, but I have to let you go for now. No, don't start crying. Please.